13th April 2023: GMC EVENT 2023

13th April 2023: GMC EVENT 2023
GLOBAL MOBILITY /HR EVENT  13th April 2023            

The Global Mobility Company (GMC) is pleased to invite you to our upcoming event.
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Who are we?
The GMC is an alliance of four companies with different disciplines in the field of Global Mobility. Our joint goal is to unburden the HR officer or Global Mobility Manager and to share our knowledge. We are thrilled to be holding this nice event about all sorts of developments in the field of Global Mobility.

Trending Global Mobility Topics
As you know the role of Global Mobility is crucial to attract top talent with skills and international ambitions. If you want to keep attracting these high profile individuals to your organization then it’s more important than ever that your mobility strategy is up for the challenge. We have speakers who explain how to make your organization more resilient! Then we have the recent changes in the 30% ruling. We will bring you up to speed on that. 

For whom?
This event is of interest for HR and or Global Mobility professionals dealing with International assignments.

When and where?
The GMC has selected three subjects brought to you by four top speakers. We gladly invite to be amongst our guests!
• Theme event  : Trending Global Mobility Topics
• Date               : Thursday 13 April 2023
• Time frame    : 13:45 – 18.00 PM, plus subsequent drinks
• Location        : De Goudse Verzekeringen, Bouwmeesterplein 1, Gouda
                           (50 meters from the Railway station Gouda) 

This event is  brought to you free of charge by the partners of the Global Mobility Company
- Goudse Verzekeringen
- AGS Netherlands
- Taxperience
- Global Mobility Nomad

Limited availability
We welcome a maximum of 75 guest, so don’t miss it.

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Should you sign up and unexpectedly need to cancel then we kindly ask you to let us know by midday on the April 10th at the latest. Any cancellations after that,- or a no-show, will be charged Eur 75 for the costs incurred.

Our Speakers and Topics

- Lia van Geemen (Talent Beyond Borders)  

Evolution of International Mobility into Talent Mobility
 An interactive session on how international mobility can be an enabler of the talent management strategy of companies to stay ahead in the game of attracting, retaining and developing employees in a world of talent scarcity, rapid changing skill requirements and an all-time high employee turnover.

Lia is an independent Talent Mobility Consultant with 15+ years of experience in HR having worked for various corporations and start-up and scale-ups like Nike and Uber. She likes to call herself a real citizen of the world, although firmly stuck in Amsterdam now for the last few years enjoying all the things a world city has to offer but actually living in a village - size wise. She is fascinated by cultural diversity and global collaboration due to studying and working abroad and traveling the world extensively. In her profession she is passionate about employee experience, technology and insights and partnering with various stakeholders. Secretly she also likes a bit of compliance - boring we know.

- Bruno Lagasse and Anraoi Rooney (AIRINC) 

Global Mobility Topics and Talent
Each year it seems that Global Mobility is confronted with new and complex issues. As Mobility expands its remit and diversifies its portfolio, the types of challenges being faced are continually changing. Many feel that Global Mobility function has fundamentally changed since pre-pandemic times. 
Why is that? While still valued for its compliance expertise, Mobility’s responsibilities reach far beyond conventional aspects of cross-border mobility. Organizations are purposefully using international opportunities to attract and retain talent; and this is set to grow. Furthermore, syncing the mobility program with talent strategy is the top initiative Global Mobility expects to focus on in the next couple of years. This alignment to talent is just one way Mobility is demonstrating its value.

Join AIRINC to discuss the results of the 2022 Mobility Outlook Survey with a focus on talent.

Bruno is the Deputy Region Leader, EMEA at AIRINC’s. He served as Head of AIRINC’s European Client Engagement where he managed a number of client service managers and oversaw various International and European accounts in the consumer goods, oil & gas, communication, and financial services industries. Bruno moved to Deputy Region Leader for EEMA in April 2021: in this new role, he oversees our production, client engagement and client solutions teams, with a focus on cross-team collaboration, growth, and client satisfaction.  

Anraoi is a  Client Engagement Representative. His primary responsibilities include supporting Client Engagement managers in providing the best service to the various clients. 
- Hans de Vries (Taxperience) 

Impact recently changes in the 30%-ruling 
The 30%-ruling is a well-known tax benefit for employees hired from outside the Netherlands. Hans will discuss the impact of recently adopted changes in the 30%-ruling, expected changes as of next year as well as how to prevent commonly made mistakes when applying the ruling in payroll. A practical session that will bring benefit to all companies that (will) use the 30%-ruling
Hans is a tax director of Taxperience since 2018. Before Taxperience he was working for 18 years within Deloitte. He is a specialist in (cross border) employment tax and social security and related aspects of international mobility.  He advises companies on all Dutch wage tax and social security legislation, international mobility and tax optimal remuneration packages and takes care of all aspects of international assignments, including payroll processing and expat tax compliance. He has experience in the tax effective structuring of employment throughout the world and the Dutch/international tax consequences of such structures. He is also well-known for his publications in tax literature and is a member of the editorial board of the most read weekly tax publication in the Netherlands.

(All seminars are in English)

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