13th April 2023: GMC EVENT 2023

13th April 2023: GMC EVENT 2023
SAVE THE DATE:  GMC EVENT 13th APRIL 2023, to be continued....
Location: Bouwmeersterplein1  2801 BX Gouda


Talent Beyond Borders
(Lia van Geemen)

International Talent Mobility
Evolution International Talent Mobility

Changing role International Mobility
Why is it important
Practical examples

Taxperience (Hans de Vries)

Effects limitation 30% ruling
Cap on 30% salary (as of 2024)
30% ruling and choice for deemed non-residency

AIRINC (Bruno Lagasse)

Policies (purpose of the Global Mobility function)
Flexibilty within Global Mobility 
Trends in Mobility
Potentional Global Mobility Initiatives

Invitations and registration will be sent out soon.

For more information: info@globalmobilitycompany.com